One day you will die.

One day you will die.
And yet, you walk around feeling anguish over nothing…

One day you will die, and in 200 years, it’s most likely that the fact that you existed at all is completely irrelevant to the world.

No matter WHERE you focus your energy, it will come a time when, whatever it is that you were doing or trying to do, will end.

Think about it for a while.

Now…do you REALLY want to waste the little time we have here, feeling anything at all that isn’t just pure JOY?


Weak people.

Weak people lie.
Weak people cheat.
Weak people are jealous and put down others and attack them for their success.

The really strong ones, the really brave ones, the ones that are a success because they live their lives the way THEY want to live it…

…those people are COMPLETELY HONEST.

Honest with others and with themselves.

Being honest is difficult.
It is only for strong people.

When you were a little kid and you fantasized about it…was it like this?

When you were a little kid and you fantasized about it…was it like this?

Think about:

  • your romantic partner
  • your job
  • your lifestyle
  • your hobbies
  • your body
  • your development in every aspect

When you were a little kid and you fantasized about it…was it like this?

Do you REALLY want to expend all the energy it takes to put up with what you have now?

Or do you need to find something closer to your original happy fantasies?

Think about that for a while.

Nothing is what it seems.

Nothing is what it seems.

Being a bodybuilder is mostly not about the gym. It’s about the diet.

Being in a band is mostly not about making music and being a rockstar. It’s about selling tickets and convincing people to come to your show (and to give a damn).

Being a businessman is mostly not about money and numbers. It’s about networking and surfing bureaucracy.

To really know what an activity or profession is about, you have to dig deeper than just what appears on the surface. A great way to do this is to find people who are doing it and living it RIGHT NOW, and ask them questions.

Maybe what you always thought you wanted is not about what it seems.